Four Rules

Be Respectful

First and foremost this is a community for building a better Web. Let's share what we know, with a message of respect, equality, and craft! That means no derogatory language or attacks on members within this community. There are so many amazing conversations happening all the time! We should always be lifting each other up, not breaking each other down.

No Recruiters

In order to keep a culture of sharing and vulnerability we currently don’t have a capacity for recruiters on the channel. Again anyone can signup and be a part of TechFriends; however, if we find recruiter activity going on, we will unfortunately have to ban the individual from Tech Friends due to the unique nature of our community.

The following constitutes "Recruiter Activity":

  • Posting jobs to public rooms as a recruiter
  • Direct messaging community members for jobs available via recruiting agencies
  • Emailing community members, as a recruiter, after seeing a job related post

This is a community built by us, for us. Jobs are important, but we want to be careful how we share things about ourselves, as well as potential opportunities for work. We strive to strike a balance where you can succeed both personally and professionally through harnessing connections from people within the industry. Recruiters are fine people, we just don't have a place for them currently in our community.

That being said, please check out #jobs and #job-seekers for potential opportunities posted by members of our community.

No Spammers

This is an online community made up of members who have chosen to participate in something larger than themselves. That being said we strongly encourage its users to not SPAM the channel with self-serving interests.

We strongly discourage anyone from using @channels and @everyone in #general and #events.

Ask Questions

Please always ask what's on your mind. Conversations within our community are integral to helping each other succeed together. The strength of this channel rests within the amazing shared knowledge of the group.

#Jobs Channel

Post a description of an open position at your company. No recruiters please! Warm connections are the best way to find your next teammate! Include an animated gif with your post if you want to be taken seriously. :)

  • Why are animated gifs so important to you people?

    • It is true that we want TechFriends to be different than most slack channels, in that we want individuals to invest in their dialogue. That is to say, copying and pasting posts across media is discouraged here. We also do not support recruiting. This approach is based in fostering authenticity first and foremost, and to this end animated gifs have served us well

    • We always want to give first, with no expectation of benefit to ourselves